Which Comes First? Design or Content?

The general concept is that web designers should first design the site then worry about content later. Many have found that it is far more effective to plan the content and use this to structure the design.

Working with the Client

If the client is going to be responsible for the content then it means that the web designer must work closely with them. Ideally, they should ask the client to provide all of the content that is going to go into the design. This allows the designer to be able to structure the proper spaces according to the type of content as well as the amount. It can be frustrating for the designer that only designates a small amount of space for a certain type of content that ends up being much larger.

Type of Content

There also has to be a clear understanding of the type of content that is going to be used. This will not just pertain to written content. It includes graphics as well as videos and audio. The web designer will start off with a clear understanding of what the purpose of the site is. This expert will then use the content to reach that goal.

Benefits of Content First

There are several benefits that come with planning the content first. It can help to structure the architecture of the site.

The design can be structured so that it will optimize the specific content that is going to be used. It can allow for options such as blocks for list text or maybe the construction of a gallery.

The content can be broken down into groups to create a consistency that will flow through the entire web design. By doing this it might really help to cut down on the coding amount that is necessary.