Web Design and Content

Web desig is a specialty in its own. There are some web designers that restrict themselves to their specific skills needed for the design. There are others that also take on the dual role of being a web developer. Now in order to increase their client base, several are taking on the extra task of becoming a content editor.

Staying on Par with the Competition

Many clients that are looking to have a website built are now turning to resources such as content management systems. A good example of this is Word Press. However, there are many clients that want more than what this has to offer. In order to meet the need the web designers are now looking at being a content editor. This allows them to be able to work easier with the dynamic content that will be utilized in the site that they are working on. By adding these extra skills to their arsenal of talents it allows them to be more creative in garnering new clients.

Taking the Time to Learn What is Needed

Often it requires the web designer to learn some extra web development. This can mean having to work with codes such as JavaScript and JQuery. Fortunately, this is an easy resource to learn and to access. It doesn’t take a a lot of code writing.

Taking Control of the Content

Web designers that are taking control of the content often will end up having to develop the written content themselves as well. For some, this comes easy but for others it does not. However, there are freelancers that they can rely on to assist them with this. Even if they are getting content for the clients there should be some responsibility in ensuring that it is correct. Using something such as a CMS editor to do the basic checking for grammar and spelling can go a long way in the professional look of the site.