The Basics of Web Design

There are a lot of people that are in need of a website but don’t realize what it entails. One of the components that go into building a site is web design. The foundation of web design depends on various codes that need to be written for it. For those that have no knowledge of this, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Web design is made up of different components.

Grid Systems

Each page in a website needs a layout. These are done by using grid systems. If a proper grid system is not implemented then the text and the images on the page will not be properly laid out. The grid helps to fulfil the plan for the layout. Also, it keeps the text and images in their designated places. There are some web designers that develop their own grid system. Then others go with those that have been pre-fabricated.


Websites are all about visualization. The owners of websites have to reach their clients through a visual presentation that they create on their sites. The basic concept is people are always going to read starting at the left side of a page, then from the top down. It is a common practice that web users will scan the content they are looking at. Based on this where images and content are placed is important.

Fonts are Important

With so many exciting fonts being available it is tempting to get really creative using these. However, this can be a mistake. There is something known as fonts that are web-safe which means that most browsers will support them. Fortunately, there are a number of fonts that do work nicely on the websites. Which gives some flexibility for the web designer.

These are just a few but very important components of what web designers have to consider when building a site.