Introducing Wild Dog Media

For those involved in web design or have an interest in it, then here is the place to be. Our site is dedicated to providing a lot of information about this topic. It is written in simple to follow English so that even the novice web designer can pick up some tips and expand their knowledge.

Web designers have to depend on a lot of different resources to help them with their web building tasks. Hopefully Wild Dog Media will become one of those resources. There is a lot of important information here, so we have broken it down into sections for easy access.

Website Design

For those that are new to website design or want some extra tips to assist them this section is most beneficial.

Website Layout

One of the most important tasks for web designers is the layout of the site. The information here wilql lay out the basic steps needed. Also, it offers some tips on how to avoid some common mistakes.

Website Content

Website designers are finding that they need to pay more attention to the content that is going to be used on the sites they are designing. For some this is new, and they need a little help with this. Our section here on website content will help with this.

Website SEO

SEO is important for every segment of a website. The designers have to be aware of this. Here in our section about this we give an example of how this is important in any industry the site is being built for.